MCM Brand Profile

MCM brand was founded in 1976 in Munich , Germany , is the founder of Hollywood superstars – Michael Cromer, the letters “MCM” represent Mondern, Creation, Munich. MCM brand product lines to clothing, apparel and leather -based.

MCM first started to produce leather goods , in the 1980s, the heyday of the brand , MCM production, including watches, jewelry , perfumes, clothing, bags and small leather goods , etc., more than five hundred models of products. It is stylish, luxurious and practical products are very popular.

MCM Leather biggest feature is handmade, there is a second major feature of the bronze medal on every product , marked with a unique number . Only a very small number of international big names , will own every product in a different encoding , so MCM every product will be like a work of art is very delicate, precious.

MCM of all products using the highest quality materials, workmanship , purses using only the most advanced materials , leather is soft, durable, waterproof and can withstand UV rays ; Even the decorations are lined with waterproof , and after dyeing, You can prevent fading .

Currently , MCM in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places have stores.

Germany’s top leather goods brand MCM History and Culture

Germany’s top leather goods brand MCM History and Culture
Germany’s top leather goods brand MCM was founded in 1976 , MCM ( full name Mode Creation Munich), the main kinds of leather goods, clothing and footwear products. The products sold by sophisticated technology, styles, high-end positioning . MCM was born in the historic city of Munich , Germany Xi Cheng cultural heritage and sophisticated technology , has been founded more than thirty years . In the past few years , MCM has been the world’s best shopping locations in the successful establishment of eight MCM flagship boutiques throughout Europe, the USA and Asia , such as Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm Avenue , Sloane Street, London , New York Plaza Hotel , Seoul Cheongdam -dong . This year , MCM have opened two stores in Shanghai, China , the world’s stores reached 17 .
MCM ‘s loyal fans , including Katie • Berry , Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, Lydia – Hearst , cocoa – Rocha , Heidi – Klum , Cindy – Crawford, Veronica – Webber and Patricia – Rumsfeld and so forth.
MCM is extremely wise for the customer – the world of the 21st century traveler . These men and women stylish, practical , professional , unlike those who are seeking to enhance their brand single social status . Our customers certainly appreciate the quality , but , but they are not merely seeking luxury. They also expect and deserve to have additional benefits – MCM clever design and durable material.
Today’s generation is dependent on the generation of communication, their bag and baggage always filled their entire “world” , such as iPod, computer , Blackberry . Influence the direction of our current situation such as product design, and inspire us to better meet our customers .
MCM is a customer needs to reflect this era of brand. These customers leading the covers family , sports , travel and other diverse business life . Our products are elegant and vibrant in the technology and features are very advanced , carefully adapt to today’s busy lifestyle. We offer real value by legendary quality handmade in Germany .
MCM, the famous German boutique brand , since the new change in ownership , it has a strong return on the premium accessories market . By drawing inspiration from tradition , the company specializes in the production of high-quality leather travel goods , including small leather goods, handbags, clothing . Today , MCM is by virtue of its traditional prestige and quality in order to get the world’s leading luxury brand.
MCM ‘s royalty and celebrities for the long-term favorite, so MCM is entering a vibrant revival phase of the global expansion. This brand in Berlin , Dusseldorf , London, New York , Athens, Beijing , Shanghai and Seoul have beautiful boutique architect , and in key markets of Germany , the United Kingdom , the United States , Russia, Italy and Dubai etc. well-known retailers are sold.

MCM evening bag

MCM evening bag
In recent years , MCM rebranding global channels, will soon create a new era . MCM new designers targeting global professional men and women, so that the product becomes more modern , younger and richer sense of movement . MCM of all products using the highest quality materials, workmanship, all bags are handmade , using only the most advanced materials , leather is soft, durable, waterproof and can withstand UV rays are even lined with decorative water , and after dyeing , bleaching can be prevented .

MCM Cotton Flax in February 2006 in Milan Fashion Week debut . The main fashion publications worldwide , including such as “Vogue”, “Harpers Bazaar”, “W”, ” New York Times “, “In Style” and many other publications are edited to attend the event. May 2006 , MCM flagship store opened in Berlin , demonstrated its new direction and future.

2007 MCM based on the world fashion center , entering an era of dynamic growth. After the Milan Fashion Week , MCM while Bloomingadales 12 major cities in the United States , Fred Segal, Intermix and Selfridges department store Harrods department store and start selling . As Russia ‘s first , MCM brand in the Tsum department store in Moscow sold in Athens also opened a store, and then sold in the Zen department store in November in Thailand .

Following the U.S. and European markets , MCM fame started in China . Now , MCM gain another victory , the brand to China, making China the MCM after Germany ( origin ) , fashion shrine Milan, Paris , the United Kingdom and the United States and other markets next target .